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Welcome to Design Docs

There is no "right way" to find your path in the industry. The world of digital product design is still rapidly evolving and has come a long way, even in the past five years.

The exciting part is you are on your way to joining an industry with a tremendous amount of impact on people's day-to-day lives–It's up to you to make it for better and not for worse.

Finding Your Path

Together, we'll outline some common paths, roles, and the way they interact. However, never feel like you must follow a path anyone lays out for you. One of the most magical things about design and the digital world is that you can always forge your own way, and there are some exciting corners to find.

You can give feedback on anything on this site using this form, or if you are familiar with Github you can start a discussion. Feel free to reach out to me over email or on twitter as well!